The High Priestess of Holding Hands

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I have a friend who is a sex therapist. He has worked in many places. He informed me that the North-East of Scotland is more sexually repressed that Bible-Belt US. My thoughts wandered. Cerebrally, I took a jaunt through the history of sexual repression and peered at other cultures who seem to have avoided the suffocating effects of a life of continual self-repression, like the Balkan people who still use sex magic and ritual as a part of everyday life. What if Elgin, my hometown, had avoided the repressive Victorian values and looked at sex as the special, mystical and vital thing it is. How could that have happened? The High Priestess is the myth I wish we had. The wild woman in the woods guiding our dionysian urges and letting us know, it’s OK to be sexual. The moralistic voice telling us that relationships take work and true love is not always what we thought it was. She is the symbol of truth in what appears as a very confusing world and as Guy Debord said ‘In a world which is truly topsy turvy; the truth is a moment of false.’

Exhibited at Nairn Book & Arts Festival: New Highland Contemporaries 2014

Aye Inspired: Aberdeen,East Kilbride, Summerhall Edinburgh and Oldmeldrum Summer 2014

Freudian Slip: IG:LU, Inverness Autumn 2014

You Can’t Break A Muscle

Performance. Digital Prints. 2013

Published in The Grind (Issue 2) Mar 2014

Exhibited at IG:LU: First Against The Wall. Dec/Jan 2013/14


Moray School of Art A5 Dec/Jan 2013/14