The Irony of the Reactionary

In most media representations of life, one can find the depiction of the reactionary. Usually a disgruntled opinionated kill joy. Preachy and aggressive, they suck the life out of life. This may be true, it may not be. Is this a media representation of what their enemy is? Or is it true to life in that the reactionary is but a useless and hated figure?

Most reactionaries that one comes into contact with will put forth their opinions voluntarily. Not asked for but given. One finds a change in conversation quite quickly into the subjects raison d’être. This in some circumstances can be tiring as one is forced to listen to passionate talk of subjects they do not understand nor want to. The other problem is the natural feeling of patronization that occurs when somebody fervently talks about a subject that has already been considered. It is not a bad thing to be passionate and it is not a bad thing to talk about ones passions. However, to act like your passion is yours and yours alone and that not one person understands is preposterous. Here is my personal understanding of it.

Now the media’s inclination to stereotype and define a character can often leave us with a stark understanding of people who fit the description. When people have opinions it is often we judge them as joyless, aggressive protestors. This is a warped impression. By defining and segregating, the media has pushed a sense of disregarding a person merely on one or two traits. They are opinionated therefore they dislike pollution and are vegetarian, probably a lesbian, have hairy armpits and smoke cannabis. And we associate these other traits with
Parasitic social behaviour (squatting, low-income) so we automatically and entirely subconsciously have a disposition to disregard the individual, or worse dislike purely on that basis.

This is a handy tool for the media and western society as more often than not the reason the opinionated persons are so passionate is because they are speaking sense. Nothing is more thrilling than uncovering a truth.

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