Beauty is the Zeitgeist of Duality

The old cliché of beauty being in the eye of the beholder is often quoted when talking of beauty. The statement is flawed. Yes, personal perception of beauty is subjective and our environment of development warps and moulds that as much as natural genetic preference. The hidden obstacle which is so often overlooked is the wider perception of beauty is often directed by economic factors which exploits the natural need for the individual to appear attractive to the opposite sex.

Fat girls. Fat is subjective. A woman who was a size 20 but is now as size 12 can still be perceived by a size 6 woman as being fat but relatively and considering the individuals past she is not. The common denominator in determining what we perceive as fat is a portrayal depicted by the media which is funded by advertisements from companies who require your money to stay alive. If that company benefits from receiving money from a woman who perceives herself to be fat and would spend any amount of money to allow herself to become thin then why would the media, who relies on the advertising money itself to stay alive, portray any woman to be beautiful who is not thin? Its clever and coded but exists.

The economy survives thanks to exploiting the need to be beautiful. Therefore the most successful economies are the ones who exist in a society with the lowest self-esteem. If the majority of people think they are ugly then the majority will spend money on being ‘beautiful’

How ironic that the ways in which you become beautiful are by not listening to the media. Skin does not need creams and lotions. It is self-cleaning and regenerating. In fact, using anything on your skin tampers with its natural balance. The way to lose weight is simply to eat less food. Our body has a natural system which was in place to allow us to survive famine. Our natural scent is designed to attract a mate. If you drink slim fast, covering your face in coloured oil and drenching yourself in perfumes you are probably on actual fact driving away a partner.

Which is good for the economy. They want you to be unhappy.

2 thoughts on “Beauty is the Zeitgeist of Duality

  1. Is a rainbow beautiful? If so, then the rainbow is the product of a motion between the sun and rain, something that is living, changing and moving. A child playing and laughing, is this beautiful? Again, this is living, changing and moving. Is a load of flowers alive with bees beautiful? This is also a living, changing and moving moment. Beauty is not an abstract thing, it is a concrete living experience where all the elements are in motion and moving according to their design.

    1. Sorry but I might have to disagree with your opinion Alex. Surely it is not the ”concrete” element which is beautiful, but the subjective perception of the element?

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